Le voilier d’Olivier – une aventure en anagrammes

1613125-gfOlivier wakes up to find that his dog has runaway to China. He hops on his sailboat and picks up a crew of funny characters to help him on the way.

This silly friendship story is also a fun way to introduce readers 6-12 to the magic of anagrams (different words that use the same letters). Anagrams like «Olivier» and «voilier», «chien» and «Chine», to name just a few.

 Le voilier d’Olivier named finalist for the 2016 OLA Forest of Reading Prix Peuplier award!

LE VOILIER D’OLIVIER – Une aventure en anagrammes (Out of print)
Éditions Scholastic, 2014
Text Mireille Messier
Illustrations Loufane
32 pages in colour
6 & up
ISBN : 978-1-4431-3806-2
Soft cover

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