What’s in a Name? And How Do You Pronounce It?

Living in Toronto with a name like “Mireille” makes for some interesting takes on how it is said. I’ve heard them all: Merell, Muriel, Murray, Merielle… and that’s those who at least try! I often simply get a blank stare meaning “this-does-not-compute” and they then proceed to go out of there way not to say my name. C’est la vie!

I know my name is hard to pronounce! And TeachingBooks.net knows it too! That’s why they asked me to record a fun tutorial on “How To Pronounce My Name”! Have a listen and give it a try. All the Mireille’s in the world will thank you 😉

When you’re nicely warmed up from pronoucing Mireille, have a go at saying Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, Jyotsna Sreenivasan and Tone Pavcek.

And you thought Mireille was tricky! Ha! 😉