Toronto Comics – Osgoode as Gold

Osgoode as Gold is the 5th volume of this mind-bending yearly comics anthology featuring 24 Toronto-inspired stories (including mine, entitled The Flood and illustrated by the very talented Ally Rom Colthoff!).

Osgoode as Gold is my first foray into the world of comics – and what an amazing experience it has been! It is also the first time that my daughter Viviane and I got to work on the same book! She is the illustrator of one of the fake ad pages in the book! #proudmama

Whether you’re a long-time fan of comics or a first-time reader, there’s a story in here for you!

TO Comix, 2018
Anthology, 24 stories by 52 local creators
200 pages
Teen +
ISBN : 978-0-994-93746-9

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