New Look, Same Mireille!

Hello and welcome to my new website! It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s… blue!

I hope you’ll have a minute to click around and see what’s new. First and foremost, it’s bilingual! No more need to use Google translator to figure out if I was talking about you behind your back. Hehehe!

Secondly, we’ve added tons of content : information about my newly released picture books, a new voice demo, a bio, pictures of me doing cool stuff… There’s enough here to keep you clicking for, well, many more minutes than before (-;

A special thanks goes out to my friends and webmasters, Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki of Doodletronics, for their work on this complete overhaul of my website! It was great to kick up some dust with you guys!

Please check back sporadically for news about upcoming books and project or just to say hi!