Sergeant Billy Book Trailer

As some of you know, when I’m not writing kids books, script writing or being a mom, I’m also a voice-over actress. This gives me the opportunity of working on some really cool projects like being the narrator for a new kids science series, ScienceXplosion, and… voicing a book trailer for my new picture book, Sergeant Billy: The True Story of the Goat Who Went to War. Here is the little gem of a trailer, directed by Ian Partridge.

A Book Trailer for César!

Nowadays, all great movies and books have a trailer. They don’t all start with “In a day when….” but they are all meant to pique our curiosity (and, let’s face it, to boost sales!) Well, I too have a book trailer! Here is my trailer for my new picture book La salade de César!

  • Will Jules and his little brother César succeed in their quest to make a salad before their father wakes up from a nap?
  • Will they find all the ingredients?
  • Will Dad dare to taste their odd-looking concoction?


That’s what you’ll discover when you read La salade de César but until then let me whet your appetite with this cute little book trailer 😉

Bande-annonce César

A Book Trailer for Charlotte partout!

Before, it was bookmarks and posters. Some even had stickers or pens. Those days are over! Now, every self-respecting new book (like every self-respecting new movie) has a book trailer – a fun, short ad to entice readers!

Having come from a radio and television broadcasting background (and having a video editor husband!) I’m very happy to give in to this new trend. And so, here is my trailer for my new picture book, Charlotte partout!

Psst… If you think you’ve recognized the narrator’s voice, you’re probably right. It’s me! (-;