Look what just sailed in!

LL7s2jDAaivyN5RPe5l-vOcYcbDVQmxM4BpIjuBZHXPXcB2qb7BfqLiIEhyXhwQbAH8pKA=w1549-h726Drumroll please…


« Le voilier d’Olivier – une aventure en anagrammes» has sailed into a French bookstore near you!

This is the story of Olivier who wakes up one morning to find that his dog has runaway to China. Olivier hops on his sailboat and picks up a crew of funny characters to help him on the way.

Besides being a somewhat silly story about friendship, «Le voilier d’Olivier» is also a fun way to introduce readers 6-12 to the magic of anagrams (different words that use the same letters). Anagrams like «Olivier» and «voilier», «chien» and «Chine», to name just a few. Every page is peppered with mixed-up words. The story is therefore two adventures in one – finding Olivier’s dog AND finding the anagrams that make up the story!

This is my third book with the wonderful team at Éditions Scholastic and my second to be illustrated by the very talented LOUFANE. Thank you all for coming aboard with me on this crazy project!

Already, I am planning a school presentation based on this new picture book, where the students will be introduced to anagrams and will created their own story. Such fun! If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.