Je déteste les moustiques, mais…

Papy calls them skeeters.
Mom calls them mosquitoes.
I don’t call them at all.
But still they come and… I HATE THEM!

Mosquitoes do have a way of ruining nice summer evenings, but they are useful and important to the ecosystem.

Discover how and why mosquitoes are important for flowers, fish, frogs and bats. And maybe in other ways we haven’t even thought of yet!


Je déteste les moustiques, mais… (in French only, for now!)
Éditions de l’Isatis, collection Clin d’oeil, April 2022
Story by Mireille Messier
Illustrations by Catherine Petit
32 pages
3 +
ISBN : 978-2925-088615

Themes : Insects, environement, nature, non-fiction, ecosystem
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