Pregnant couples have gender reveal parties, or show the world the ultrasound picture of their baby. But what do you do when you are expecting a “book baby”? You have a COVER REVEAL party! So, here goes…

Here is the cover of my beautiful, upcoming picture book, TREASURE.

The story is illustrated by the very talented Irene Luxbacher and is published by Orca Book Publishers. The book will be in stores in September 2019 BUT, if you are keen on getting your hands on this book, you can pre-order your copy here.

Also, to my absolute delight, the book will be coming out in both English AND French simultaneously.  The French version, TRÉSOR, is also published by Orca and written by moi 🙂

When Esmé and her little brother Milo go on a treasure hunt, they aren’t sure exactly what kind of treasure they are looking for. What they do know is that treasures are shiny, mysterious and precious. And that all the really good treasures are hidden!

As they explore the forest, Milo finds objects he thinks could be treasures: a feather, an acorn, a milkweed pod. But Esmé is not easily impressed. As they travel, he starts to doubt his sister, but their curiosity pays off when they find the biggest, shiniest, most mysterious and precious treasure hidden just over a hill.

Told exclusively in dialogue, TREASURE encourages readers to look for the small, everyday treasures that surround us. This beautifully illustrated picture book exudes a sense of wonder at the natural world and emphasizes the magical qualities of looking through a child’s eye.

I hope you’ll treasure this story as much as I do <3