Chapeau Charlotte!

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When Charlotte spends the day with her grandmother the hat maker, she is in for a surprise. Nana Bibi makes turbans, top hats, kepis and even lace charlottes! Amazed that she shares her name with a kind of bonnet, Charlotte explores the world one hat at a time.

A second whimsical Charlotte story that’s sure to make you hold on to your hat!


Written by Mireille Messier
Illustrated by Benoît Laverdière
Éditions de la Bagnole, 2010
24 pages in colour
4 & up
$12.95 (soft cover) $14.95 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-2-923342-44-3

Chapeau Charlotte! is shortlisted for the Prix Peuplier 2013 of the Ontario Library Association!